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Quality Manual

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Customer Care -

"let's take care and protect our customers or someone  else will"


Barcellos Holdings Limited provide their customers with a range of hardware and/or software products and services to meet their individual requirements.

It is the policy of Barcellos Holdings Limited to supply products and services with a consistently high quality, on time and in   accordance with customer requirements.

To meet our customer's needs and expectations it is essential we maintain the highest possible quality standards. The achievement of quality and consistency calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in all activities associated with the customer's order and for the implementation and maintenance of a quality management system.

The objective of our quality system is to raise and maintain quality standards to ensure that our products and services are manufactured and delivered to our customer's in accordance with agreed specifications. We have a defined objective of achieving measurable customer satisfaction and incremental and continual improvement to the system and service we offer    our customers. We will review our objectives via the system to ensure that they remain appropriate to the needs of the business and our customers.