"Here at Barcellos, we are 100% committed to our customer's needs"


Barcellos Holdings Ltd offer consultancy services to all clients. Today’s software is easy to use, as well as being comprehensive in its functionality and it is important that clients gain as many benefits as possible from the use of the products we offer.

For new clients we offer a planning strategy for the transfer of existing data (where possible) and also identify any changes to existing working practices. At the same time we highlight the areas where management expertise is required to monitor the results of the changes to ensure that there are no undue problems.

A Risk Analysis plan is prepared and is agreed with Senior Management. All known risks are identified and a strategy   devised to minimise and control all level of risk. Planning strategy covers the preparation of information bulletins for both customers and suppliers, ensuring that all parties are aware of the changes and can react accordingly.

Cost benefits are also covered in detail. Scalability is also an important part of any cost benefit analysis, and our services      are structured to ensure that this is covered. As part of the system design expansion is clearly addressed, in order that clients can safely implement a system with a grown strategy to suit all reasonable circumstances.

Installation planning ensures that our products can be smoothly implemented, with the minimum of disruption to the client's business at all times.

For existing clients, we provide regular reviews of system performance and address any issues which arise. As clients make use of the technology provided, in order to expand their market share, we advise on the implications of their strategy upon    the technology resources and take all relevant steps to ensure that any upgrade products we supply will meet the needs in     the most cost effective manner.