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Barcellos Holdings Limited can build PC’s in house to your budget or requirements, these can comprise of entry level components, or higher specification parts for resource hungry applications, we are also able to advise and source pre built PC’s or laptops for you by top branded manufacturers.

We can also supply, configure, install and support server systems. Whether it’s a named manufacturer or built by ourselves,  we can offer Microsoft based solutions to fit all your needs.

With the ever changing world that we live in, there’s a whole host of devices that live outside your PC. Be it widescreen LCD monitors, multi-function printers, wireless keyboards and mice, or more, we are able to advise and source for you.

Need a DVD writer? PC slow? Printer unreliable? In most cases we can upgrade your existing equipment to give it a performance increase, we can also carry out repairs in our production room.

We order our products on demand, so come in and see us and we shall talk about your PC or Laptop requirements and then quote you on a wide range to suit your budget and specification. We shall even un box your PC or Laptop and install the  latest service packs, install free Anti-Virus and give it a thoroughly good testing all free of charge, a service most retailers will not provide.


We can offer student discounts on purchases.


We can take a full system backup of your PC or Laptop onto portable disk or CD/DVD for you to keep in case anything  goes wrong with your PC/Laptop.


Is your PC or Laptop running slow or you just want it updating, we can help by offering you three levels of service. Just    bring in your PC or Laptop and you can be reassured it will be left in good hands and serviced to a high standard.

Barcellos Holdings Limited opening times are Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm