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At the heart of our laundry software is the Global Workwear™ Garment Tracking System. This has been developed over many years to meet the only requirements that matter - those of our clients and their customers.

Whether your needs are straight forward - recording garments on rental and invoicing them on regular basis or a total  bar-code or transponder based tracking system with full send-in history and automated purchase ordering with stock control movement history, Global Workwear™ has everything you need.

Global Workwear™ holds information on every single wearer and garment, - even down to the number of repairs each has had, as well as the cost of those repairs. Details of its age, residual value, washes, it's last scanning dates - all this information  is at your fingertips.

Global Workwear™ provides almost instant displays of any wearer, and when adding a new wearer shows which lockers   are available for use. All relevant garment details can be easily displayed. It takes just a click of mouse to drill down and see when the highlighted garment was last sent in for processing.

This information can also be displayed in graph format at the push of a button, or exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Global Workwear™ is supplied complete with a suite of comprehensive enquiries and reports, designed to fulfil the needs of laundry staff, laundry management and laundry clients. Billing options enable a choice of weekly, periodic or calendar month billing, this being set at contract level.

Over the years, Global Workwear™ has been continuously developed in line with market requirements, enabling its users to monitor and control all aspects of Workwear Rental.

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