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PSA Schedules

NSR Schedules

NHF Schedules

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PSA Building Presentation

PSA Electrical Presentation

NSR Building Presentation

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There are many reports available including;

Order Ledger, lists all Orders on the contract, or can be selected by valuation number or property address.

Miscellaneous Order report offers great flexibility. Select which dates to report on, for instance Date of Issue and Date of  Final Bill can be selected to give a list of Outstanding Orders.

Performance Report shows Orders completed within or outside a specified period.

Property Register lists Orders for a selected Building.

Selected Order Ledger, user can design various reports by specifying which fields of data are to be shown.

Valuation Report lists details of Orders for a selected valuation.

Payments on Account lists the state of Orders that are subject to payments on account.

Quantity Used per Schedule Code processes all orders on a contract and lists the frequency with which each schedule code has been used.